O2Marine commenced field work this week for the Spoilbank Marina project in Port Hedland.

O2Marine has been contracted to undertake sediment sampling and a benthic habitat survey at the site, to inform the environmental impact assessment of the marina project.

The work includes using a drop camera and side scan sonar to conduct a benthic habitat survey to identify if there are any habitats, such as coral reefs, that could potentially be impacted by construction of the marina.

Sediment samples within the project area will also be collected to investigate sediment quality and to provide input into ongoing dredge plume and sedimentation modelling studies.Two men taking soil samples

The Spoilbank Marina projects includes boat pens, a four-lane boat ramp, two breakwaters and internal revetment walls and an access channel separating marina traffic from shipping activity.

It will also include public open recreational space and improved public access, parking, toilet facilities and areas for pop-up stalls.

Visit the Pilbara Development Commission website for more information about the project.

Read the Minister’s statement.

Photos and story courtesy of the Pilbara Development Commission