O2 MARINE is a highly specialised marine environmental consulting business and founding company of the O2M Group. The O2 MARINE team comprises marine scientists and ecologists who specialise in projects where a specific risk to the marine environment has been identified and MUST be effectively managed to mitigate impacts. O2 MARINE understands that these risks pose a threat, not only to realisation of project objectives, but also to irreparable damage to the marine environment.

The technical focus of our business allows us to hone methods, develop IP, understand legislation and build relationships with regulatory authorities that multi-discipline providers cannot. We pride ourselves on being both mariners and marine scientists, ensuring that practicality and common sense are always critical factors in our approach to our project delivery.
We are industry-recognised leaders in the fields of marine environmental impact assessment and monitoring, port-specific environmental compliance monitoring, marine environmental management planning and approvals, dredging environmental management and marine fauna.


Cargo ship alongside jetty

Ports & Harbours

Our specialist expertise is critical in supporting Port managers to better understand and manage the marine environment in which they operate.

Oil rig in the ocean

Energy & Resources

We support coastal and offshore energy projects through clear planning and implementation of environmental, meteorological and oceanographic assessments.

Ocean water

Water & Wastewater

We provide targeted investigations, baseline monitoring, numerical modelling and expert advice to inform effective environmental management of ocean outfalls and wastewater discharges.

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Marine ecologists servicing the Australian harbour, port, mining and gas sectors.


Marine Environmental Assessment & Monitoring

  • Subtidal Benthic Habitat (Coral & Seagrass) Surveys
  • Mangrove Surveys
  • Benthic Habitat Mapping
  • Sediment Quality Investigations
  • Water Quality Monitoring

Marine Fauna

  • Charismatic Megafauna Studies
  • Marine Fauna Observers (MFO)
  • MFO Training Packages
  • Fish Surveys
  • Benthic Infauna Studies
  • Introduced Marine Pest Survey & Risk Assessment

Marine Environmental Management

  • Marine Environmental Management Plans
  • Marine Monitoring and Sampling Analysis Plans
  • Dredging and Spoil Disposal Management Plans
  • Coastal Management Plans
  • Marine Risk Assessments (including workshop facilitation)
  • Sate and Commonwealth Project Referrals
  • Environment Plans Oil Spill Response & Scientific Monitoring Plans


Subsea Instruments

  • In-situ Water Quality Instruments
    Multispectral light, Turbidity, CTD, pH, Dissolved Oxygen
  • Water Column Profilers
    YSI, In-situ Marine Optics & Hydrolab
  • ADCPs & Wave Buoys

Survey Equipment

  • Side Scan Sonar Systems
  • Multibeam & Single Beam Echosounder Systems
  • ROV & Towed/Drop Camera Video Systems
  • Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUVs)
  • UAV systems
    Multispectral & Aerial Imagery

Commercial Equipment

  • Scuba & Surface-supplied (SSBA) Diving Equipment
  • Commercial Vessels
    Ranging in size from 4 m – 20 m
  • Equipment Wet-testing Facilities
    Based in Fremantle
  • 4wd Vehicles

Data Management & Analysis

  • Remote Telemetered Monitoring Systems
  • Secure Online Data Storage & Visualisation Platform
  • Geographical Information Systems (QGIS)
  • Statistical Analysis
    R, Primer, SPSS
  • Remote Sensing Imagery Interpretation


  • Water Samplers
    Depth-integrated pumps, Van Dorn & Niskin Samplers
  • Sediment Grabs
    Van Veen, Ponar, Day Grab & Box Corer
  • Sediment Corers
    Vibro-corer, diver hand corers