O2 METOCEAN is a highly specialised marine oceanographic consulting company and an affiliate of the O2M GROUP. The team comprises oceanographers, coastal engineers and marine modellers who specialise in projects where collection and analysis of oceanographic and meteorological data is critical to inform engineering and/or environmental project decisions.

Our technical focus and experience allow us to tailor methods, develop IP and ultimately propose the optimal solution to inform critical project decision-making. Our rigorous equipment and data management procedures ensure that the data acquired and analysed is fit-for-purpose and delivered in-line with client expectations. We are industry-recognised leaders in the fields of metocean science, oceanography, bathymetric survey and marine modelling.


Cargo ship alongside jetty

Ports & Harbours

Our specialist expertise is critical in supporting Infrastructure design and Port Operations to better understand and manage risks associated with Metocean conditions.

Oil rig in the ocean

Energy & Resources

We support the design and implementation of coastal and offshore metocean programs, to assist feasibility and engineering design. We provide operational support with real-time data management systems.

Ocean water

Water & Wastewater

We provide targeted investigations, baseline monitoring, numerical modelling and expert advice to inform effective environmental management of ocean outfalls and wastewater discharges.

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Oceanographers and Marine Modelling Specialists servicing the Australian harbour, port, mining and gas sectors.



  • Bathymetric & Acoustic Backscatter Survey
  • Geophysics Survey
  • Magnetometer & UXO Survey


  • Hydrodynamic Modelling
  • Sediment Transport Studies
  • Outfall Modelling
  • Coastal Processes Modelling
  • Weather Forecasting & Hindcasting


  • Data Acquisition – Currents, Waves, & Meteorological Measurements
  • Data Management – NetCDF, Real-time, Secure database
  • Hydrodynamic & Sediment Flux Studies


Metocean Instruments

  • Aquadopp
  • Acoustic Wave and Current Profilers (AWAC)
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCP)
  • Wave Buoys
  • High Resolution Pressure Sensor
  • CTD Profilers
  • Radar Level Sensor
  • Meteorological Station
  • Meteorological Buoy

Survey Equipment

  • Side Scan Sonar Systems
  • Multibeam & Single Beam Echosounder Systems
  • ROV & Towed/Drop Camera Video Systems
  • Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUVs)
  • UAV systems
    Multispectral & Aerial Imagery

Commercial Equipment

  • Scuba & Surface-supplied (SSBA) Diving Equipment
  • Commercial Vessels
    Ranging in size from 4 m – 20 m
  • Equipment Wet-testing Facilities
    Based in Fremantle
  • 4wd Vehicles

Data Management & Analysis

  • Remote Telemetered Monitoring Systems
  • Secure Online Data Storage & Visualisation Platform
  • Geographical Information Systems (QGIS)
  • Statistical Analysis
    R, Primer, SPSS
  • Remote Sensing Imagery Interpretation


  • Matlab & Python Processing
  • Regional Ocean Modelling Systems (ROMS)
  • Semi-implicit Cross-scale Hydroscience Integrated System Model (SCHISM)