Project Description

Eramurra Solar Salt Project: Metocean Data Collection Programme

O2 Metocean is currently undertaking an oceanographic measuring programme on behalf of Leichhardt Industrials. Wave and current measurements will be used to inform the design and operational planning of the future salt export port at Cape Preston East, Western Australia. The oceanographic data collection programme was designed to:

  • Optimise hydrodynamic and wave model validation.
  • Capture undisturbed waves and currents away from future infrastructure in 20m water depth, 23km offshore.
  • Measure directional wave spectra at an offshore site to support engineering design.
  • Measure individual wave statistics to support transhipment activities.
  • Capture current and water levels over time to establish alongshore variability.
  • Prioritise measurements of the sea state and rapid current change rather than swell, which is known to present low significant wave heights in the region.

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