Project Description

Maintenance Dredge Spoil Sediment Assessment

O2 Marine is currently engaged to provide a full sediment sample program for MWPA to survey and assess proposed maintenance dredge spoil in the Commercial Harbour and Navigation Channel. The scope of works includes development of a Sample and Analysis Plan, field survey SAP implementation and assessment and comparison of data against relevant industry standards summarised in a SAP Implementation Report. Spoil disposal options will be recommended for each identified sediment cell type based upon the assessment, which will be used by MWPA to guide the maintenance dredge scope and environmental management planning and approvals. Sediment sampling was undertaken in accordance with NAGD 2009 and ANZECC/ARMCANZ 2000 and assessment has included comparison of total, elutriate and bioavailable metals, acid sulphate potential, TBTs, total organic carbon, particle size distribution against ANZECC/ARMCANZ, NAGD and DER (2014) guidelines.

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