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Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina

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Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina (2019 - 2021) O2 Marine in partnership with Teal Solutions assisted the Department of Transport by undertaking the required marine environmental studies & investigations and drafting of documentation to obtain environmental approval for the Port Hedland Spoilbank Marina. The project was classified not assessed from the EPA in the time [...]

Onslow Marine Support Base – Dredge Monitoring

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Onslow Marine Support Base - Dredge Monitoring O2 Marine is currently engaged to undertake all dredge monitoring and management for a 1M m3 dredging project in Onslow, WA. O2 Marine are providing telemetered water quality monitoring at nine locations and Near-Real Time (NRT) satellite imagery analysis services to ensure compliance with EPA conditions during dredging. [...]