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Marine ecologists servicing the Australian harbour, port, mining and gas sectors.

Marine Habitat Mapping

Marine benthic habitat maps are required for all Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) projects where there is the potential to impact upon sensitive marine benthic communities, such as, coral and algal dominated reefs, soft coral and sponge gardens, seagrass meadows and a variety of sediment and rock substrate types.

At O2 Marine, we know that the environmental regulator typically applies a precautionary approach to its assessment of benthic habitat loss. Consequently, we understand that errors in habitat loss calculations resulting from a poorly prepared habitat map can lead to a set of environmental management conditions for your project which may be very difficult for you to achieve. In some cases, an erroneous map can even result in failure to obtain environmental approval for your project.

We tailor our habitat mapping approach specifically to suit your project requirements and budget, whilst considering the expectations of the environmental regulator and also the implications of the mapping for future management of the marine benthic community. Our talented staff offer a range of services to meet your habitat mapping requirements, including:

  • Remote sensing imagery interpretation
  • Acoustic mapping (side-scan sonar & multibeam)
  • Video validation, including ROV, drop camera and towed video
  • Spatial analysis including, impact and change assessment
  • Real-time mapping with semi-quantitative data analysis
  • Mapping of underwater infrastructure (i.e. pipelines and shipping channels)
  • Bathymetric and hydrographic survey


Marine Environmental Assessment & Monitoring

The marine environment is one of the most challenging environments in the world in which, to consistently collect quality environmental monitoring data. Whether it is for a baseline study in a remote greenfield location or compliance monitoring in a busy operational Port, each location has its own unique set of challenges.Poor study design, cyclones, bio-fouling, contractors, graduate scientists, dangerous marine animals, unreliable sampling equipment, tides, inappropriate data analysis, ineffectual reporting, etc… failure to effectively manage any one of these factors can lead to poor data recovery, increased costs and significant time delays. A combination of just a few of these factors can also result in failure to obtain environmental approval or to demonstrate compliance.

Our talented staff offer a range of services to meet your marine environmental assessment and monitoring requirements, including:

  • Benthic & intertidal community surveys
  • Benthic infauna studies
  • Introduced Marine Pest Surveys
  • Diving surveys
  • Fish surveys, including Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUVS)
  • Sediment quality investigations
  • Water quality profiling and grab sampling
  • In-situ & telemetered water quality monitoring
  • Marine mammal observations and other charismatic megafauna studies

Marine Environmental Management

Assessment and management of impacts to the marine environment can be a complex process, whether for a development project with short-term construction related impacts or ongoing management of marine environmental quality in the waters surrounding a multi-user port facility. If poorly navigated the approvals process can be a costly and time-consuming process that may not result in the desired outcome. However, at O2 Marine we utilise our understanding of regulator expectations together with our specialist knowledge of the marine environment to ensure that potential impacts are adequately assessed and proposed management strategies are sufficient to effectively mitigate environmental harm. Our talented staff offer a range of services to meet your marine environmental management requirements, including:

  • State and Commonwealth Project Referrals
  • Environment Plans
  • Oil Spill Response Plans
  • Marine Environmental Quality Management Plans
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans
  • Dredging & Spoil Disposal Management Plans
  • Coastal & Foreshore Management Plans
  • Marine Ecological Risk Assessment