O2Marine provides a platform to enable our marine-specialist environmental, metocean and aerial imagery teams to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients for a variety of marine-based project challenges.

From a local port authority to the CSIRO, whether we’re collecting data or analysing it, O2Marine can lead the way on your project.

In fact, most of our team are principals or seniors in their field – and they’re not just putting their faces on the proposals.

They’re out-field, in the water and on-the-tools too.

O2M has developed a unique organisational structure incorporating multi-disciplined scientific skillsets including O2 Marine (Environmental), O2 Metocean (Oceanographic) and O2 Inflight (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) all under the umbrella of O2 Marine. Our structure and flexibility allows O2 Marine to integrate specialist services and deliver innovative and effective solutions to our clients’ complex problems.



We use tech to reduce costs, and most importantly, complexity. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to venture ever-further when niche needs come calling.


We strive for practical mastery over equipment. Using our tech in new ways allows us to adapt to even the most challenging environments.


Our staff apply our skills across our core marine disciplines (Environment, Metocean & Inflight). This enables us to optimise our team to achieve multiple project objectives for our client’s environment and engineering projects.


We are highly selective with our staff. We maintain a boutique size business for a reason – quality over quantity.


Working in a boutique team means our staff have more opportunities to dive into projects that intertest them, more chances to contribute significantly and greater ability to work across marine disciplines.


We’ve designed the perfect ratio of graduate to veteran. The seasoned have time to provide meaningful mentorship and the greener a chance to really learn.

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