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O2 Marine was originally formed by directors Chris Lane, Paul Fox and Ben Starr to fill a gap in the niche areas of marine environmental monitoring and assessment. Having worked extensively on marine science projects throughout Australia and internationally, Chris Lane identified the need for clients to engage a marine science team that not only included industry-leading scientists, but also staff with the hands-on practical experience that is essential to safe and efficient project delivery.

Whether it’s a baseline survey for an environmental approval or compliance monitoring for an existing operation, we are skilled in undertaking detailed marine environmental investigations, even in the most challenging marine environments, under tight budgets and timeframes and with no margin for error.

We specialise in projects where a specific risk to the marine environment has been identified and MUST be effectively managed to mitigate impacts. We understand that these risks pose a threat, not only to realisation of your project objectives, but also to irreparable damage to the marine environment. Our focus allows us to hone methods, develop IP, understand legislation and build relationships with regulatory authorities that multi-discipline providers cannot.

We are leaders in the fields of water & sediment quality monitoring, coral reef and seagrass ecology, marine habitat mapping and introduced marine pests. We have experience throughout Australia, ranging from the crocodile-inhabited waters of Cape York (Queensland) in the east, to the cyclone-ravaged Pilbara coastline in the west, and the unique estuarine environments in the far south of Western Australia. Internationally, our team has experience from the oil fields of the Arabian Gulf and in the remote Ports of the Christmas & Cocos Islands.


At O2 Marine we utilise our extensive industry network of coastal modellers, marine construction companies, civil and structural design engineers and geotechnical specialists

Our Methods

In-situ and remote telemetry systems, diver and diverless monitoring techniques, integrated data management and online reporting systems… At O2 Marine, we tailor an individual program to achieve your objectives in the most cost effective and scientifically robust manner.

Novel Business Model

Nimble, innovative and personalised like a small consultancy (i.e. the Managing Director handles your challenges personally) with the support of a corporate.

Our Experience

Monitoring program design and implementation is a core strength of the O2 Marine team, our staff have extensive experience in both inshore and offshore marine environments, with a particular strength in shallow inshore coral reef and seagrass communities.

Years Combined Experience
Projects Complete
Experienced Professionals

The team at O2 Marine has vast experience in water & sediment quality monitoring, coral and seagrass health assessments, diver and diverless survey techniques, marine habitat mapping and marine pest surveys & risk assessment.


Chris Lane
Chris LaneManaging Director / Principal Marine Scientist - BEnvSc(Mar/EnvSc) (Hons)
Chris is a principal marine scientist with significant environmental consulting experience, gained through the successful delivery of marine and coastal science projects in remote and often unforgiving environments throughout Australia and internationally.

As a project manager, lead field scientist, coxswain and commercial diver, Chris has gained vast experience in water & sediment quality assessments & monitoring, benthic community assessment (including coral & seagrass communities), marine pest surveys, ecological risk assessment and marine habitat mapping.

Chris’s projects have provided him with the broad knowledge base and practical ‘hands-on’ experience that is required to achieve his client’s objectives of in a safe, cost-effective and scientifically robust manner.

Travis Hurley
Travis HurleyTechnical Director / Principal Marine Scientist - BSc(MarSc) (Hons)
Travis has over 15 years’ experience working as a marine scientist within government, private consultancies and resource companies. Travis’s technical expertise in marine ecology, water quality & sediment sampling, dredging programs, oil spill preparedness, marine outfall discharges, fisheries management, marine fauna and introduced marine pest species has allowed him to perform a variety of different roles throughout Australia and Internationally.

The focus of his experience diversifies from field research, management of field teams and logistics, statistical analysis and interpretation of biological and ecological data, preparation and review of scientific reports and presentations, environmental impact assessment, environmental approvals, designing and implementing monitoring programs, preparation and implementation of environmental management plans and management of health and safety.

Claudio Del Deo
Claudio Del DeoMetocean Director / Principal Marine Scientist - BNatSc(MarSc) (Hons)
Claudio is a Principal Marine Scientist and Project Manager with more than 20’ years of work experience in the marine environment. Claudio specialises in design and implementation of remote water quality monitoring programs and seabed habitat mapping using innovative survey techniques.

Claudio has proven experience in the design and implementation of Dredging Management Plans, Environmental Management Monitoring Plan (EMMP) and Environmental Studies (EIS) in remote and challenging environment inshore and offshore.

Claudio has worked throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia and the Middle East. He is also an accomplished commercial diver, dive supervisor and vessel coxswain.

Josh Abbott
Josh AbbottInflight Director / Senior Environmental Scientist - BSc(MarSc), GradDipEnvMgt
Josh has over 14 years’ experience working as a marine scientist for coastal development and exploration projects in Western Australia.

Josh has had key roles in extensive environmental baseline investigations for ground water, sediment and marine quality monitoring, met ocean data acquisition, benthic community habitats and sediment quality. Project experience includes the Oil and Gas industry (Cash Maple, HESS exploration, Wheatstone LNG), coastal resource development (throughout Pilbara), government infrastructure (Elizabeth Quay Development) and various residential developments including Pretty Pool (Port Hedland) and the Port Coogee Marina.

In previous roles Josh has experience in groundwater monitoring and land contamination, along with baseline data acquisition and maintenance of in-situ marine equipment. Other key tasks include project management, data processing and practical application of health, safety and environmental requirements of the offshore marine industry.

Dr Sebastian Morillo
Dr Sebastian MorilloMetocean Manager / Principal Oceanographer - BEng(Hons), PhD
Sebastian’s ability to understand and solve environmental, coastal engineering and oceanographic issues emerge from the skills he developed during his 16+ years’ career. From his PhD in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics he then held senior environmental engineering roles at consultancy firms, an environmental specialist role at Australia’s Offshore Petroleum environmental regulatory agency (NOPSEMA), and a Metocean subject matter expert role in one of Australia’s largest oil and gas companies before joining O2 Metocean as Manager and Principal Oceanographer.

Sebastian uses his programming and analytical skills to identify the physical processes that dominate any coastal or offshore environment, and his oceanographic and engineering background to derive Metocean design criteria. Throughout his career he also developed outstanding commercial and financial acumen which he applies to manage large multidisciplinary teams and projects.

Russell Stevens
Russell StevensPrincipal Marine Scientist - BEnvSc(Mar/EnvSc)
Russell is an experienced Marine Scientist with more than 15 years’ experience working in the marine environment, particular in the Ports industry.

Russell has experience in project management, IMS systems, application of environmental legislation and policies, coastal management and restoration, benthic habitat assessments, marine water quality assessments, developing research and monitoring programs to assess management strategies for natural resource management and biodiversity conservation, temperate/sub-tropical reef fish ecology, marine environmental impact assessment, staff management and operational planning to achieve objectives, goals and established KPIs.

Daniella Hanf
Daniella HanfPrincipal Marine Scientist - BSc(EnvMgt), MMarineSc(Res)
Daniella is a principal marine scientist with significant environmental consulting and marine fauna research experience. Her expertise includes impact assessment, monitoring and management of coastal cetaceans.

Daniella has been involved in a number of projects across Australia and in the Philippines. As an applied researcher, Daniella is driven by management, conservation needs and strives for meaningful collaborations, capacity building and sound science in decision-making.

Daniella’s research interests focus on population ecology, habitat use and effects of disturbance, as well as human perspectives

Dr Hamish Aiken
Dr Hamish AikenPrincipal Marine Scientist - BEnvSc(Mar/EnvSc), PhD
Hamish is a qualified Environmental Specialist with over fifteen year’s professional experience in environmental science and management, regulatory compliance and enforcement and environmental assessment. Previously employed as the Manager – Environmental Compliance with Yancoal Australia Ltd in a role which involves leading environmental management practice across Yancoal’s mine sites in Queensland, NSW and WA.

He was formerly employed in the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) as a Principal Policy Officer (Resources Policy) and prior to that role as a Team Leader (Resource Assessments). Prior to DPIE he was employed as a Team Leader in the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Queensland Government (DEHP).

Gordon Motherwell
Gordon MotherwellPrinciple Marine Scientist - BSc(AqBioSc)(Hons)
Principal marine scientist with 14 years of experience assessing and managing impacts from coastal infrastructure developments and providing advice to the WA Environmental Protection Authority.

Gordon specialises in dredging, port construction/operation, industrial discharges, oil and gas activity, aquaculture and marine emergency response (oil spill and biosecurity). His communication skills, technical and procedural expertise and knowledge of contemporary best practice EIA to achieve good environmental outcomes has helped streamline and deliver many complex marine projects and assessments.

Jesse Shakespeare
Jesse Shakespeare Senior Environmental Scientist - BSc(BioSc)
Jesse is a highly proficient field lead and has great understanding of putting desktop-based methodology into real-world site applications. His keen eye for detail and thorough knowledge from working in many challenging site locations and as such has a highly regarded skillset for implementing field work.

Areas of expertise include: water quality monitoring, metocean data collection (AWAC/ADCP), benthic primary producer habitat (BPPH) surveys, sediment sampling and analysis plans (SSAP), inter-tidal sediment deposition surveys, drop camera surveys (coral, seagrass and benthic), remote camera monitoring programs, RTK surveys, soil contamination assessments, seagrass monitoring and mangrove health surveys.

Jesse’s work has serviced clients in the land development, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, industrial and Government sectors. In recent years, Jesse has been managing a wide range of scopes, further deepening his knowledge of delivery from both internal and client aspects. His management skills are highly proficient, regularly delivering projects well under budget.

Tim Wiegele
Tim WiegeleSenior environmental scientist - BSc(ConBiol/Mgt)(Hons)
Tim has over 9 years working as an Environmental Specialist/Environmental Advisor on some of the largest mining, ports, oil/gas and infrastructure projects in Western Australia.

Tim has a highly Versatile skill set over a broad range of disciplines, including: Environmental impact assessment, water quality, sediment quality, coral health, hydrocarbon spill preparedness and response, NEBA/SIMA assessment, first strike response planning, compliance competency and assurance (auditing and exercising spill response arrangements), Commonwealth and State regulation, stakeholder engagement, data management and analysis, compliance reporting and HSE planning.

Tim’s work has serviced clients across a broad range of disciple areas, including: infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, industrial and Government sectors, regularly delivering projects safely and well under budget.

Andrew Zulberti
Andrew ZulbertiPhysical Oceanographer - BE(Hons) PhD Candidate
Andrew is a physical oceanographer with experience spanning from the coastal ocean to the edge of the continental shelf, encompassing a broad range of physical processes from ocean tides and internal waves to surface waves and turbulence.

He has worked on a balance of observational, numerical and theoretical projects, in roles ranging from oceanographic research, contract research for engineering studies, and consulting for environmental and engineering projects.

Ben Cresswell
Ben CresswellSenior Marine Ecologist - BSc(Hons), MSc, FLS, MMBA
With over 10 years’ experience across marine science and project management, Ben has a wide skill-set developed in a range of professional settings including government, non-profit, consultancy and research sectors. Specific expertise includes water quality monitoring, ecological sampling design, animal biotelemetry, benthic habitat mapping and assessment, stable isotope ecology and molecular techniques.

Ben is an adaptable field operator and project manager having built experience across a range of environments including Australia, Europe, the Caribbean, Papua New Guinea and the wider Asia, Oceania and Polynesia regions. Ben is also currently working towards a PhD at James Cook University, with a research focus on coastal-offshore ecological connectivity.

Emma Jackson
Emma JacksonSenior Spatial Analyst - BSc(Geo), BCom, GradDipGIS
Emma is a Geographical Scientist and specialist using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) with 15 years experience. Emma provides GIS support, training, analysis and data management for all the O2M Group companies.

She has been previously employed at the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council, Spatial Solutions, Rottnest Island Authority and the City of Wanneroo providing specialist GIS, environmental and project management expertise. At Spatial Solutions, Emma primarily worked on spatial data analysis, processing, modelling, interpolating and mapping for the Ichthys Environmental Impact Statement for Inpex.

Melanie Donda
Melanie Donda Marine Scientist - BEnvSc(Mar/EnvSc)
Melanie Donda is a multi skilled Environmental and Marine Science Graduate with a proven ability and track record of successfully and consistently delivering the key capabilities of a scientist in a regional/urban/remote setting. This has been demonstrated over five years in roles that have seen her perform and gain professional experience in the mining, government and private sectors on a wide variety of marine and terrestrial projects. In addition, Melanie has taken relevant work experience within the resources and eco-tourism industries, participated in volunteer work within the area of conservation, land management and assisted in various research projects.
Max Wellington
Max WellingtonMarine Scientist - BSc(MarSc) (1A Hons)
Max has over 5 years experience in the environmental management and marine science sectors. He has worked in a diversity of roles including his current position as Marine Scientist at O2 Marine, Technical Officer for the Department of Fisheries Research and Environmental Technician at Cardno, among others.
Max completed first class honours at Murdoch University in 2015 gaining multiple awards throughout his academic studies. Max is an organised team member with experience in equipment management, remote fieldwork planning and logistics, data acquisition/analysis and demonstrates application and a positive attitude to his work and fellow colleagues. His recent contribution at O2 marine has been integral in carrying out baseline marine water quality monitoring, metocean, benthic habitat and sediment studies. Max also has experience carrying out dredge monitoring programs and the development of Marine Environmental Quality Plans.
Emil Sottopietra
Emil SottopietraGraduate Engineer - BE(Tron)
Emil Sottopietra is a dedicated Graduate Engineer working in data processing, quality control and analysis. He regularly works with a range of software programs including Matlab and Python for data processing and modelling. He has a high level of proficiency and deep knowledge of computer and software operations.

Emil is currently working on the development of effective customised software to optimise data processing and QA/QC for a range of environmental data, including but not limited to metocean data, water quality and bathymetry.

Emil is a reliable professional engineer with key capabilities in solution engineering, problem solving and equipment maintenance and testing.

Eleanor Smith
Eleanor SmithGraduate Marine and Freshwater Scientist - BSc(Mar/FrshwtrSc)
Eleanor Smith is a dedicated Marine and Freshwater Science Graduate with a proven ability and track record of successfully and consistently delivering the key capabilities of a scientist in a regional and urban setting.

Since joining O2, Ellie has worked on a diverse array of projects, including benthic habitat surveys, infauna sediment sampling programs and water quality monitoring.

Emmy Riboni
Emmy RiboniGraduate Marine and Freshwater Scientist - BSc(Mar/FrshwtrSc)
Emmy Riboni is a hardworking and efficient Marine and Freshwater Science Graduate. Emmy has recently completed an internship at o2 Marine and has experience in various projects including water quality monitoring along with coral and seagrass identification.

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