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Who We Are

O2 Marine is a boutique marine environmental and oceanographic consulting business with offices in Western Australia and Queensland.

Since O2 Marine was founded in 2014, we have quickly become one of the largest specialist marine consulting teams in Australia. An achievement that was recognised in November 2021, when O2 Marine was named in the Australian Financial Review as one of the TOP 100 fastest growing companies in Australia and O2 Metocean was named as in the Top 100 fastest growing start-ups in Australia.

At O2 Marine, we understand that our continued success is not possible without the outstanding contribution of our passionate, motivated and engaged team. It is our team and our culture that has allowed us to build a strong reputation as a highly competent marine technical consultancy.

Although only recognised as a ‘small to medium-sized business’, O2 Marine has the corporate structure, established corporate procedures and internationally accredited management systems (e.g. ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems, ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) that our clients typically expect of a major international consulting company, with the primary differences being our more personalised and accountable approach, our flexibility and our lower cost base. 

Our team

The O2 Marine team is led by practical experience, with our company directors actively involved in project delivery. At O2 Marine, our staff know they will be both challenged and rewarded as they strive to ensure positive outcomes for our clients and their projects.

At O2 Marine, we select and train our staff to ensure that they can perform both the technical and practical elements of what it means to be a marine scientist or oceanographer at O2 Marine. This means that many of our scientists and engineers are also trained mariners, commercial divers, vessel masters and riggers.

Meet our current team below:

Chris Lane

Principal Marine Scientist/ Co-Managing Director

Claudio Del Deo

Principal Marine Scientist / Co-Managing Director

Travis Hurley

Technical Director – Environment

Sebastian Morillo

Technical Director – Metocean

Adam Gartner

Principal Marine Scientist

Russell Stevens

Principal Marine Scientist – Ports

Daniella Hanf

Principal Marine Scientist – Marine Fauna

Gordon Motherwell

Principal Marine Scientist – Approvals

Josh Abbott

Principal Marine Scientist

Gergely Torda

Principal Marine Scientist

David Gull

Field Operations Manager/Senior Marine Scientist

Cameron Jones

GIS Manager

Max Wellington

Senior Marine Scientist

Demont Hansen

Metocean and Coastal Engineering Manager

Paul Day

Senior Marine Scientist

Jamie McWilliam

Senior Marine Scientist

Jesse Shakespeare

Senior Marine Scientist

Sira Tecchiato

Senior Coastal Geomorphologist

Sean Webb-Martin

Marine Scientist

Nadene Claydon

Marine Scientist

James Owen-Conway

Metocean/Coastal Engineer

Amanda Bilotti

Marine Scientist

Emma Jackson

Spatial Analyst

Max Stacey

Marine Scientist/GIS Analyst

Sophie Preston

Marine Scientist

Federico Vitelli

Marine Scientist

Arianna Ardit

Marine Scientist

Pierre Bouvais

Marine Scientist

Ben Jones

Marine Scientist

Melanie Donda

Marine Scientist

Leah Wojtach

Marine Scientist

Bridget Miller

Marine Scientist

Lilly Palmer

Graduate Marine Scientist

Angela Alla

Graduate Marine Geophysicist

Shona Wharton

Graduate Marine Scientist

Brooke Campbell

Graduate Marine Scientist

Jack Collins

Marine Field Technician

Cameron Holder

Graduate Marine Scientist

Dylan Todd

Graduate Marine Scientist

Emil Sottopietra

Graduate Metocean Engineer

Brooke Newcomb

Graduate Marine Scientist

Nicholas Auerta

Graduate Marine Scientist

Fiona Moore

Office Manager

Sue Silver

Finance Manager

Ning Khettanurak

Cost Controller

Sofia Morillo

Administration Assistant


As an O2 Marine staff member, you won’t be chained to a desk – no matter where you are in your career, in our team you’ll get to interact with the environment that inspired you to join your field.

Under the guidance of our technical experts, you’ll be exposed to ideas and approaches propelling you further forward in your career than you though possible.

If you’re senior or principal, you’ll be working with and challenged by equally experienced colleagues to solve new and difficult problems – plus, you’ll get to see the impact your mentorship has on the next generation of experts. If you’re more junior, you’ll learn by doing.

Our core values of ‘Social Capital’ and ‘CANI’ (Continuous and never-ending improvement), mean that in a role with O2 Marine you will be both engaged and challenged.

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