Marine Environmental Specialists

O2 ENVIRONMENT is a highly specialised marine environmental consulting business and founding company of O2 MARINE.

Whether it’s a baseline survey for an environmental approval or compliance monitoring for an existing operation, O2 ENVIRONMENT can undertake detailed marine environmental investigations even in the most challenging marine environments – under tight budgets and timeframes with no margin for error.

Our Staff

Chris Lane

Managing Director

Travis Hurley

Technical Director


Environmental Assessment & Monitoring

  • Subtidal Benthic Habitat (Coral & Seagrass) Surveys
  • Mangrove Surveys
  • Benthic Habitat Mapping
  • Sediment Quality Investigations
  • Water Quality Monitoring Marine Environmental Management

Marine Fauna

  • Conservation Significant Marine Fauna Studies
  • Marine Fauna Observers (MFO)
  • MFO Training Packages
  • Fish Surveys

  • Benthic Infauna Studies
  • Introduced Marine Pest Survey & Risk Assessment

Marine Environmental Management & Approvals

  • Marine Monitoring and Sampling Analysis Plans
  • Dredging and Spoil Disposal Management Plans
  • Coastal Management Plans
  • Marine Risk Assessments (Including Workshop Facilitation)

  • Sate and Commonwealth Project Referrals
  • Environment Plans
  • Oil Spill Response & Scientific Monitoring Plans


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Techniques & Equipment

Subsea Instruments

• In-situ Water Quality Instruments Multispectral light, Turbidity, CTD, pH, Dissolved Oxygen

• Water Column Profilers YSI, In-situ Marine Optics & Hydrolab

• ADCPs & Wave Buoys

Survey Equipment

• Side Scan Sonar Systems

• Multibeam & Single Beam Echosounder Systems

• ROV & Towed/Drop Camera Video Systems

• Baited Remote Underwater Video Systems (BRUVs)

• UAV systems Multispectral & Aerial Imagery

Data Management & Analysis

• Remote Telemetered Monitoring Systems

• Secure Online Data Storage & Visualisation Platform o2marine.eagle.io

• Geographical Information Systems (QGIS)

• Statistical Analysis R, Primer, SPSS

• Remote Sensing Imagery Interpretation


• Water Samplers Depth-integrated pumps, Van Dorn & Niskin Samplers

• Sediment Grabs Van Veen, Ponar, Day Grab & Box Corer 

• Sediment Corers Vibro-corer, diver hand corers

Commercial Equipment

• Scuba & Surface-supplied (SSBA) Diving Equipment

• Commercial Vessels Ranging in size from 4m – 20m

• Equipment Wet-testing Facilities Based in Fremantle

• 4wd Vehicles

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