Ashburton Mangrove Monitoring – Marine Environmental Studies


Project Ashburton Mangrove Monitoring
Client Pilbara Ports Authority
Location Ashburton WA
Date 2019 – Ongoing
Our Services O2 Inflight was engaged by PPA to undertake annual mangrove health monitoring adjacent to the Wheatstone Project, to assess potential mangrove health impacts resulting from changes to coastal processes and tidal flows. Mangrove stands are monitored using a Remotely Operated Aircraft System (RPAS) with a mounted multispectral camera to calculate NDVI as an indicator of vegetation health. Changes to mangrove extent are also efficiently calculated from RGB orthomosaic imagery. O2 Inflight have successfully implement two years of monitoring to date, proving that large areas of mangrove can be monitored efficiently and safely utilising RPAS technology.

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