Ashburton Transhipment – Marine Environmental Studies & Approvals


Project Ashburton Transhipment – Marine Environmental Studies &  Approvals
Client Mineral Resources Limited
Date  2020 and ongoing
About the Project Our Services 

O2Marine conducted a Marine Environmental Pre-Feasibility Study and desktop review to assess potential impacts on conservation features and provide recommendations on design and necessary marine studies for the project. Subsequently, O2 Marine was engaged to conduct monitoring programs, including water and sediment quality, benthic habitats, bio-contaminants, marine fauna, bathymetric surveys, and hydrodynamic modelling for the bitterns and dredge plume dispersion.


O2Marine is currently guiding MRL through the marine elements of the environmental approvals phase and preparing the suite of referral supporting documents, including:  

  • Benthic Communities; Habitat (BCH) Assessment Report
  • Baseline Water Quality Assessment Report (Desktop)
  • IMP Risk Assessment Report (Desktop)
  • Sediment Sampling Analysis Plan (SAP) & SAP Implementation Report
  • Marine Environmental Quality Management Plan
  • Dredging EMP
  • Construction EMP (Marine)
  • Section 38 Referral Supporting Document
  • EPBC Act Referral Supporting Document
  • Sea Dumping Permit Application

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