Eramurra Solar Salt Project – Marine Environmental Studies & Approvals


Project Eramurra Solar Salt Project – Marine Environmental Studies & Approvals
Client Leichardt Industrials
Location Pilbara, WA
Date 2019 – Current
Our Services O2 Marine was engaged to undertake all marine studies to inform environmental impact assessment and engineering design for a solar salt project on Eramurra Station in the Pilbara WA. Studies includes, benthic habitat surveys, sediment sampling, bathymetry surveys, water quality baseline, metocean baseline, mangrove health surveys, marine fauna investigations, underwater noise modelling, dredge plume modelling, coastal processes modelling, bitterns outfall modelling and management plans.
Outcome O2 Marine has been engaged by Leichardt since the earliest investigations of the site and has been instrumental in the site selection and modifications to key project infrastructure to both minimise impacts to the environment whilst maximising production efficiency. Our team’s ability to couple complex technical scopes together has also resulted in significant cost savings for Leichardt. The proposal is currently under assessment by the EPA.

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