Port Hedland and Dampier Port Marine Environmental Quality

Project Port Hedland and Dampier Port Marine Environmental Quality
Client Pilbara Ports Authority
Location Pilbara, WA
Date 2018 – Current
Our Services O2 Marine have developed Marine Quality Management Framework’s for the Port of Dampier and Port Hedland, and are currently developing a Plan for the Port of Ashburton which aims to address ongoing marine monitoring requirements in line with the EPAs Technical Guidance for Protecting the Quality of Western Australia’s Marine Environment. The Framework establishes Environmental Values which are supported by Environmental Quality Objectives. The Framework also present spatial levels of ecological protection applicable to each facility and the wider surrounding water bodies. Environmental Quality Indicators are then defined using a risk-based approach for which narrative and numerical Environmental Quality Criteria are established to facilitate an assessment of change over time and within the acceptable levels of ecological protection.

The Framework is accompanied by a Sampling and Analysis Plan which guides the implementation of the monitoring, assessment and reporting against the Environmental Quality Criteria identified within the Framework. O2 Marine have been undertaking the field implementation and reporting commitments for PPA since 2019 for Dampier Port and since 2020 for Port Hedland.


Outcome Environmental monitoring is nearing completion of the first phase for Dampier Port whereby three years of baseline data will be analysed to develop site specific criteria for which change over time will be assessed. Port Hedland sampling is currently nearing completion for the second year of data collection.

Most recently, a wharf extension program proposed at Dampier Port has required the analysis of this data to inform impact assessment and to set criteria for Hydrodynamic Modelling and water quality. Without this sampling program in place this data would not be available and literature would need to be relied on, which oftentimes can be dated.

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