Port of Geraldton Maintenance dredging 2021 – Environmental Studies, Approvals & Monitoring


Project Port of Geraldton Maintenance dredging 2021 – Environmental Studies,  Approvals & Monitoring
Client Midwest Ports Authority
Date  2021 – Current
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O2Marine worked with Wavelength Consulting to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment and technical studies for a maintenance dredging project at Geraldton Port. This involved the development of an Environmental Review Document (ERD) and technical reports, including sediment and marine fauna studies, hydrodynamic dredge plume modelling, and seagrass and subtidal assessments. A stakeholder consultation process included national and state regulators, government agencies, the Western Australian Marine Science Institute, and local environmental community groups. This feedback was consistently applied during the project development to ensure the best outcome for all stakeholders. O2 Marine developed a Dredging Environmental Management Plan and implemented environmental monitoring for water quality, subtidal benthic communities and habitat, and Metocean measurement. 


Based on stakeholder feedback and the environmental impact assessment included in the ERD, the project did not require formal assessment under Part IV of the EP Act as there were no predicted or identified significant environmental impacts. 

As a result, the DEMP was released on the Midwest Ports website and open for public review for two weeks, with no comments received. All relevant documents, including the ERD, DEMP, and technical reports, are publicly available, and ongoing stakeholder consultation will continue throughout the project’s lifespan.

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