Emil Sottopietra

Emil Sottopietra is a Metocean Engineer who has been working at O2Marine for over three years as part of the Metocean Team in Fremantle.

He regularly works with a range of software programs including Matlab and Python for data processing and modelling. He has a high level of proficiency and deep knowledge of computer and software operations. His favourite thing about working at O2 is the flexibility in the tasks he is asked to complete. He also enjoys the challenges of learning something new from both a theoretical and practical point of view, as this brings a huge benefit to his personal and professional development. Emil is currently working on the development of effective customised software to optimise data processing and QA/QC for a range of environmental data, including but not limited to Metocean data, water quality and bathymetry. The best piece of advice he has ever received is, before you start to carve a piece of wood, you have to clearly know what an elephant looks like!

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